The World Karting Association’s annual staple event hosted at the famed Daytona International Speedway during Dec 28-30, 2020 brought many competitors down for some racing in the warm weather over the holidays. A chilly first couple of mornings turned into a perfect kart racing weathered weekend for the race event with sunshine and mild temperatures.

Top Kart USA looked to support two young drivers competing in the Kid Kart (Age 5-7) category over the weekend. Florida native, Camdon Clay representing the #1 plate as he comes off of the 2020 season class champion. His teammate and fellow competitor #24, Austin Taylor of Indianapolis, IN who ended the 2020 season Vice Champion. The two young drivers were chomping at the bit to get back to work beginning the first event of their 2021 racing season.

Clay, rolling out the weekend on his mint 2020 Top Kart chassis was eager to show what he could do with it. Having not one lap on it prior to official practice session, he blistered off of the grid and knew his weekend was going to be an exciting one. Unfortunately for Taylor, he encountered a minor setback having engine issues causing him to sit out on the first on track session.

As the day went on following the very different new schedule of events for the WKA race weekend, the day consisted of two practice sessions, Qualifying, and a Heat Race. As qualifying session rolls around, the Top Kart duo were ready to lay some laps down. Austin Taylor getting caught up in some traffic during the session, was able to earn a P3 qualifying position to start the racing for the event. Camdon Clay had a tough break with carburetor issues causing his engine to lean out and was only able to complete one lap putting him starting at the back of the field.

Back in the paddock, Clay was able to quickly resolve the minor issue they had encountered and was ready for battle in the heat race. Taylor also was doing his pre race preparations watching on board footage and learning what he had to do to get a little bit quicker so he could make those couple extra spots up to put him the lead. As the green flag drops for the Kid Kart heat race, Clay’s eyes only saw to the front of the field. Determined to prove that he belongs at the top spot he was able to maneuver through and take the lead within 3 laps unscathed while extended the lead to a marginal 12.5 seconds. Taylor had a tough battle taking third place by a tenth over second place.

Finals Day for the Kid Kart category started off competition mid sunny morning with a heavy battle between the Top Kart duo Clay and Taylor by checking out on the field together by over 9 seconds. Clay claiming the lead by only two tenths of a second over his teammate. They were both well prepared leading into the Final race to come.

Clay and Taylor were anxious and excited to get the main event underway so they could begin their race for the 2021 WKA Manufactures Cup Kid Kart championship rivalry. As the green flag flew for the 5-7 year old drivers, their Comer C51 engines were spooled up and heading into turn one. Clay managed to keep the lead on lap one while the drivers behind him had a hard battle going on allowing him to quickly stretch a gap within the first few laps. By lap two, Austin Taylor had made his way up to the second position and was ready to track down Clay with several laps to go. The competitor in third place wasn’t about to try and let Taylor stay ahead for very long reclaiming the second position back and from then on it was a turn-by-turn and wheel-to-wheel battle the rest of the race.

Mid race, Clay clicked off one of his fastest times of the weekend going purple with a 57.817 time but took it a little too hot into turn one causing himself to spin under braking in the downhill off camber corner. This allowed the rest of the field to catch back up and Clay almost lost the lead with the drivers right on his rear bumper heading into turn three by the time he was able to regain momentum. Causing his parents to nearly have a heart attack, the 6 year old continued focus and went back to work gaining another lead gap between the P2 and P3 battle Taylor had his hands full with. Taylor with a phenomenal job of kart control keeping his machine from not spinning out as he and the competitor bang wheels down the straight aways to fight for the second position in the field.

Camdon Clay was able to see the checkered flag first as he crosses with both fists in the air pumping as he wins at the world renowned Daytona International Speedway! Taylor shortly crossing the finish line still battling all the way was able to finish in third place locking up the podium spot.

Blake Deister, with Top Kart USA states, “I am extremely proud of these two young drivers and how far they have come within the last year or so. I remember like it was just yesterday discussing how they soon want to be racing the big events and competing with the best in the country. Fast forwarding to not too much longer after that conversation, both are competing at the highest level and earning the results they have worked for.”

The next race these two will compete against each other will be Round 2 of the WKA Manufactures Cup event hosted at the WKA Karting Challenge event mid April 15-18, 2020 in Concord, NC at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

The Top Kart Kid Kart chassis is a world renowned leading innovating chassis model for this class. If you are looking for those extra tenths straight out of the box, we have just the solution for your driver. Joining the Top Kart family and community you will receive the support you deserve to get you running at the top of the leaderboard from local, to regional, all the way up to national events.

Visit our Kid Kart Chassis page for more information and contact us for a quote today so you too can compete with the best in the industry.


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