Getting Started In Go Kart Racing

When looking to get started in go kart racing it can be overwhelming to decide which direction you should go before making an investment. There are many forms of go kart racing, dirt oval, asphalt oval, road racing, street racing and sprint racing. Top Kart USA has done them all, we however, specialize in National, Regional and Local Sprint Racing with special attention to Track Side Support. We have a knowledgeable support team and multi-national winning chassis like the Kid Kart for tomorrow’s future of racing (5-7 year-old class), the SR28.2 for the Cadet (8-12 year-old classes), as well as our World-Famous Twister has evolved to the latest generation SR30.2 for the Junior (12-15 year-old classes) and all of the Senior/Masters classes.

Questions To Ask Your Dealer.

1| How do I go about getting started in go kart racing?

2| Given my location where is the best track to race at for me?

3| What Age groups does my local go kart track allow to race?

4| What classes are available at the track nearest to me?

5| Do you offer a “Try Before I Buy” Arrive and Drive program?


Contact Your Local Top Kart Authorized Dealer


Visit Your Local Top Kart Authorized Dealer

Why Is It Important To Meet My Local Dealer?

1| Visiting your dealer’s location lets you get a more in depth and easy feeling about getting into the sport. Karting is a very small community full of helpful people, you will find that you can start a great relationship from the first visit.  This will be the place you frequently contact to get your spare parts, get setup tips, and many other resources offered to you to get the most out of your go kart racing experience.

2| This will allow you the opportunity to see what available go kart chassis and packages they have available, whether it be New or Used equipment that you are looking for.

3| You will be able to discuss what other amenities that they can offer such as mechanic / tuning services, mechanic’s, driver coaching, chassis storage, data services, and much more!


Completing Your Purchase of Equipment

Are you in the market for NEW go kart racing equipment?

If you’re in the market for a New go kart chassis and Engine package here are some insights as to how the process normally works.

1| Your dealer has the chassis available in their show room ready for you to take home. Depending on which engine package you choose, the dealer may or may not have the engine readily available due to the majority of the time, you will want to send the engine off to get blueprinted.

This will increase the performance of your engine and it is recommended to have done prior to racing. Most likely it is cheaper to have it blueprinted when brand new rather than using it and sending it off later.

Depending on which engine builder your dealer works with and how busy they are during the time of year you are purchasing will vary in the amount of lead time it takes to receive the engine package back to install on your kart.

Average time is about 8-12 business days sometimes quicker and sometimes slower.

Once your dealer receives the engine package back from the builder, they may install it for you on the kart having it ready to hit the track upon pickup, or  you can also install the engine package yourself.

Get out to the track to take your newly purchased go kart for a shake down and get some seat time. Be sure to contact your dealer with any questions after your first sessions to give you some further tips and tricks.

Are you in the market for USED go kart racing equipment?

If you’re in the market for a Used go kart chassis and Engine package here are some insights to keep in mind when you are purchasing.

1| It is always better to purchase used equipment from a dealer or well-known source. Typically they take better care and maintain the equipment properly.

2| Purchasing a used go kart from a dealer source is beneficial because it is more likely that they will have a chassis that they will have parts for to support you after your purchase. If purchasing a go kart from a privateer, you might be buying a cheap go kart, which sometimes may be extremely tough to find the correct parts for you to do maintenance on your equipment. In the long run, sometimes spending a little more up front on a go kart that is within the past 5 years can save you money in the long run.

3| When purchasing a used engine, you should make sure that the engine is a model that is currently being run at your local race track and legal to current engine tech rules. Just because you might have found a good deal on the engine it may not be the deal you thought you were getting.

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