Driver Development

increase your driving skillset.

Are you ready to improve your skill level? Is your son or daughter in need of proper driver development? Want to align yourself with a program that gives opportunities to further your racing carrier in formula cars? Our team has worked with drivers as young as 5 and those a little more seasoned. Basic courses to those that get into data and video acquisition, we can tailor a class that’s just right for you. Our class room and on track instruction has been refined and updated to keep pace with the ever changing world of Motorsports. We are so sure of our programs that if we cannot improve your lap times, you owe us nothing, that’s how confident we are in what we can do for you. Inquire about your next step.


Track Walk and session briefing

Whether the driver has never been to the track or is a regular at the facility, it is important to become familiar with the track surface on any particular day before going out for hot laps. While focusing on the track layout itself discussing with driver on where their turn in points, landmarks for braking and acceleration, and apexes are for each turn are an important step in the learning process. By walking the track the driver can then easier visualize what was discussed when at speed.

Data Analysis

From lap to lap and session to session accumulating data is an essential part of determining exactly where a drivers’ strong and weak points are on track. Honing in on inconsistencies between a driver’s laps throughout the session, debriefing those inconsistent corners and then measuring the results after the next session can directly provide a progressive result in faster lap times. Common focus points during our data analysis coaching sessions are the following: 

Video review

Similarly to data analysis, and equally as important our video review sessions uncover some information on track that may not rather been seen always through the data points and graphs in the Race Studio 2 program. On video, we are able to see additonal information depending on where the camera is located on the kart, for example how aggressive or smooth the drivers’ hands are through the turn which may result time lost and we can correlate that with the data on graph to confirm a skewed point.

Looking to improve your lap times?


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