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Headquartered out of Indianapolis, IN just minutes away from the world renowned Indianapolis Motor Speedway where some of the largest motorsports racing events in North America are held. Racing is our absolute passion and runs thick through our blood. Given our location and background we have been in the gokart business for over 40 years. With our combined experience over 80 years of knowledge. At Top Kart USA we provide everything readily available to get you started in gokart racing. Whether you are just starting out racing local events, regional, or ready to go head to head with the top drivers in the Nation or even the world we have the equipment and expertise to provide you the results you want to achieve.


As a brief summary of what we do at Top Kart USA, we can start off by saying that we live and breathe gokart racing every single day. Having earned over the last decade multiple drivers and manufactures championship titles we are proud to call ourselves the best gokart racing team in North America. As Top Kart USA we are both the North American Factory Top Kart racing team as well as the North American Importer & Distribution hub for the Top Kart chassis and product line with over 10 dealers in our network and counting to support all of the Top Kart customers. Over the last 8 years we have built the power of BLUE in the North American continent to be one of the most prominent racing chassis. With our full dedication to the development of the chassis line from Kid Kart all the way through Adult model we have proven to be on top in all categories.

Along with our dedicated development and support for the Top Kart gokart racing chassis we have many other services we offer to you whether you’re just starting out or are a veteran racer. See our full list of services and amenities here!


Karting has been a passion of ours for over 40 years now. We have seen a lot of change over those years, but what has remained constant has been how gokart racing is a family sport that teaches the basics of motorsports at the grassroots level. We pride ourselves on the success of each of our customers no matter whether racing local, regional, or national! At Top Kart USA we consider you family, not just a number, give us the opportunity to show you the difference today.

“Managing for profit is like playing golf with your eye on the scorecard and not on the ball”. At Top Kart USA, karting is our passion first and a business second. Treating you as a part of our family makes us different for all the rest. While all things about racing are expensive we strive to keep the cost down, we have never lost sight of what karting should be about, and we never will.

Our services

Arrive & Drive Programs

With our special tailored Arrive and Drive programs available for any age group and class racing local, regional, and nationally we can put together a program just for you.

Transportation & Tent Programs

Already own a Top Kart and are ready to start traveling to Regional and National race events? No problem! We offer our round trip transport services to help save you the extra costs and hassle of pulling your trailer to the event.

Driver Coaching & Development

Just getting started or a veteran driver looking to gain that extra edge on the competition? Gain those extra tenths by booking a private driver coaching session and learn advanced driving techniques that will help you win races.

Chassis Storage

Whether you are limited on space at your home or simply just don't have the time to prepare and maintenance your kart between events, you can keep your kart safe with us between races.

Gokart Frame Straightening Service

Recently been in an on track incident and your kart doesn't quite seem right? Our flat table services can get your bent up frame back to racing condition with little downtime.

Gokart Maintenance & Service

New to karting or simply just don't have the time to prepare your equipment for an upcoming event? We can give your chassis our concierge cleaning and maintenance service.

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