Seat Struts

No Seat Struts

Top Kart USA - No Seat Struts

When to use this setting?

  • Typically running a lower HP engine such as Yamaha KT100. It allows to free up the weight transferred to the rear tires.

  • Primarily used on very high level grip situations.

One (1) Seat Strut

Top Kart USA - One Strut

When to use this setting?

  •  This is the STANDARD setup for your chassis.

  • Gives the kart a well balanced feel overall while cornering and braking.

  • Typical track conditions for example, Low to medium track grip level.

Two (2) Seat Struts

Top Kart USA - Two Struts

When to use this setting?

  • When track conditions are very low grip.

  • Often used for high HP engine powerplants such as TAG and Shifter.

  • Properly placing the struts you may achieve more side bite and even increase braking power.

Tech Tip

To achieve more seat strut positioning holes while running the higher HP classes using radiators, you are able to install the Seat Strut Mounting Bracket.
It is sometimes tough to determine whether to use a seat strut or axle to fix your chassis handling. Seat struts are focused on lateral grip (Side Bite) and axles are more overall rear chassis handling.

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