Purdue University to partner with Top Kart USA to develop the MSTEM3 Program

Purdue University (Purdue) has partnered with Top Kart USA (Top Kart) on the MSTEM3 program. MSTEM – Motorsports, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics program. M-STEM is developing and piloting middle school curriculum modules aligned to Indiana and national academic standards. The M-STEM modules focus on motorsports as the context for teaching important 21st century skills and content knowledge using problem-based learning. Students will work in teams to solve a challenge or develop a solution to a given problem.
Top Kart will be the official electric vehicle(ev) chassis supplier for the program.

Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana has been a huge supporter of karting motorsports. Purdue Grand Prix now in its 60th year as well as the Collegiate evGrandPrix series are testament to that fact. Indiana’s reputation as a racing mecca provides the perfect backdrop for this education. And Purdue is uniquely suited to take on the M-STEM3 challenge. Purdue have some of the strongest science, technology, engineering and math programs in the country.

“We are very excited to take our program Nationwide shortly,” said Danny White. “This program has been gaining interest and momentum as more high schools begin to see the value and excitement of offering a unique teaching aid. I am very vested in the success of this program and when I went looking for a partner to help us build the program I was looking for a similar company that shared my passion about this product. After my initial meeting with Top Kart it was evident we had a match. Purdue will be Top Karts exclusive engineering and technology academic partner”

Top Kart USA is the North American Distributor for the Top Kart brand. Located in Indianapolis Indiana they have become a leader in the karting industry. With a strong working relationship with the Italian Manufacturer developing and improving the chassis line for the North American Market this project is a perfect fit.

“This partnership with Purdue is very exciting for us and the direction we want our company to head in the coming years,” according to Bill McLaughlin Sr. “developing a purpose-built chassis for the ev market allows us to tap into a vast new market. Within our own state there are over 1500 public and private high school systems that we would like to expose the Purdue MSTEM3 program too. We have begun to establish relationships in Europe that will be essential in bringing the program to the world as well.”

“I won the Purdue GP in my senior year, the rich history of that event made the opportunity to work with the university even more rewarding for me”, said Blake Deister. “To continue to elevate karting by exposing a vast new audience excites me. My brother Bill and I have developed a package that is extremely affordable and delivers all the elements of MSTEM3. The purpose built Top Kart will be powered by a 17hp peak electric motor with a 48volt power supply. Crash or roll cages will not be allowed like we see on the collegiate karts. This will allow the students to relate to the current karting chassis on the market.”

To learn more about the program or to get your school involved please contact us at Top Kart USA (317) 870-3122 or info@topkartusa.net

Top Kart USA located in Indianapolis Indiana is the largest distributer for Top Kart in North America. www.topkartusa.net

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