Front Track

In this section we will be explaining the information that pertains to the front end of the chassis encompassing the front spindle adjustments of caster/camber, wheel alignment, and width.

Problem - Understeer on turn-in to the apex of the corner.


Widen the front track by a 5mm wheel spacer at a time.

Problem - Oversteer or very sensitive front steering causing the rear to slide out.


Narrow the front track width by a 5mm wheel spacer at a time.

Front Wheel Spacer Adjustment Diagrams & Information

Top Kart USA - Stand Wheel Spacing

This is the standard Top Kart setup for wheel spacing. Start your weekend off with 20mm of spacing on the inside of the wheel hub (1 Big 10mm, 2 Small spacers 5mm).

Top Kart USA - Wheel Spacer Widen

If your chassis is Understeering going into the corner, to get to the apex you can start by widening your front end a small (5mm) wheel spacer. Increasing your front track width will allow more of the tire to be used upon steering input having you turn the wheel less on initial turn-in.

Top Kart USA - Wheel Spacing Narrow

If your chassis is Oversteering going into the corner, you can start by narrowing your front end a small (5mm) wheel spacer. By decreasing your front track width you will use less of the tire upon steering input and slow the front end down upon initial turn-in.

Tech Tip

When tightening the front wheels, you should tighten the nut just enough so that there is not lateral movement of the wheel or wheel spacers on the stub axle shaft, though the wheel spacers should still be able to spin using your fingers.

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