The Top Kart SR30.2 chassis is the premier kart racing chassis for all engine applications. Being a 30mm chassis this allows to be run with lower horsepower engines such as LO206 and KA100 as well as the higher horsepower engines like the IAME Leopard, X30, and Rotax for the Junior and Senior applications. Encompassing all of the racers driving styles, the SR30.2 is the ultimate out-of-the-box half second you have been looking for to gain that extra edge. With the tuning window wide open and simplistic for the beginner to technical racer the SR30.2 is exactly the chassis for you!


    • Chassis Tubing: 30mm (32mm Front Rail)
    • Wheelbase: 1050mm
    • Axle: 50mm – ORO (Gold) Medium
    • Spindle: D.25 / 10.5° x 10mm King Pin

    • Front Torsion: Metal Torsion Bar (2 stiffness settings)
    • Chain Guard: Full 360 Guard
    • Seat: IMAF Silver
    • Brake System: Caliper Ven09 – Disc Ven11 – Complete Floating System

    • Eccentric Pills: Top: 0° / Bottom: 0°
    • Wheels: Magnesium Low Volume 132/212mm
    • Rear Hubs: Magnesium L.98
    • Front Hubs: Magnesium L.92


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